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3 ways to make sure your content doesn’t suck

“If your content sucks, it will suck expensively.”

Amen to that. This is my favorite line from an awesome blog by Eric Deckers. What I like most about Decker’s simple and straightforward insights is that if you start with crap content and throw some glitter on it, you have sparkly crap. Awesome. Your customer will smell it from a mile away. Put exceptional, useful content into the world and see what it brings back to you.

Imagine a world where your engaging and well-written content is amplified all over your marketplace. Customers react by sharing your content and better yet, they love you so much they buy stuff from you! It all started with amazing content. Let’s do more of that.

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Here are 3 ways you can create content that works hard for you and doesn’t suck:

1. Invest in great copy writers

If you want a high performance vehicle that moves you quickly and efficiently to your desired destinations in relative style … are you equipped to build this machine? Just because you can change the oil on your high-performance vehicle and know how to adjust the clock does not mean you can build it to deliver on your transportation needs. The same is true of copy writing. If you want your content to work hard for you and you do not have a trained and talented writer on your team, find one. Just because you know how to type without looking at the keys and can use the correct form of “there, their, and they’re” does NOT make you an expert of creating content. If you skimp on the writing your entire program will be skimpy and it will leave you short of your destination.

2. Choose one “Message Mission”

colorful umbrellas leaning on a wallIf you choose one message mission that governs your branding, you get to roll all of your content up under that umbrella. For example, Chipotle has a message mission. It’s “Food with Integrity”. Everything they create, everything they say, everything they put into the world must fit under the “Food with Integrity” umbrella. Isn’t that liberating? Do yourself a huge favor and figure out what your message mission is and then tell everyone at your company 3 times. And then tell them 20 more times. All of your content will have a unified message under this message mission umbrella and your audience will delight in the consistency.

3. Apply the “Would you” filter

Would you enjoy this content? Does this content make you want to take action? If this email dropped in your inbox would you be annoyed or delighted? Would you forward or delete? Would you like or ignore? Would you comment or skip? Apply the “Would you” filter to your content and have your staff do the same. It’s a simple and effective way to edit yourself and your content. I know I’ve reworked campaign emails, blog posts, and social posts once I put my own “Would you” lens on the matter.

If your brand is a Lambourgini and your content is the gas. Don’t put kitty litter in the tank and expect your well-engineered brand to perform. Make it premium.

If you want to learn more about Eric Deckers and his brand of genius, he wrote a whole book called “Branding Yourself: How to use social media to invent or reinvent yourself”, and it’s on Amazon so you can buy 10 copies right now! He also co-wrote a great book with a great brainiac guy called Jason Falls, “No Bullshit Social Media”.

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