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Part II in the death by opportunity series: movie mash-up

I’ve decided to create a Blog series about Death by Opportunity. The way I see it, there are countless places in our lives where Over Opportunity takes hold and clouds our vision. These issues manifest themselves in confused customers, disengage employees, and frustrated managers. There is a better way. My plan is to serve up observations to help illustrate the effects of Over Opportunity so we can serve our customers, our employees and ourselves the best of the best.

Death by channel overdose: how over opportunity is killing customer experience

What do the movies “Dead Poets Society” and “Magic Mike” have in common? Young men discovering their purpose and path in life? Perhaps. The effects of strong role models in our life trajectory? Possibly. Comedy gold? Yes!

Instead, this movie mash-up is brought to you by Over Opportunity. Too many options, no curation, no data intelligence on the part of my service provider, left me bouncing back and forth between two wildly different movies, never enjoying either to their fullest potential. When I found myself in this “Dead Poets Society” and “Magic Mike” movie mash-up it was because I was trying desperately to make a decision from over 800 options. Feeling rather frazzled in the end. Mashing up these movies is the direct result of too many options and the failure of most service providers to use available data to make their customers lives easier. It’s called lazy and we can do better.

I went to the experts, people smarter than me at work who advised that I can call AT&T and have them turn off channels I’m not interested in watching. Ugh. That sounds painful. Also, it puts the owness on me, the rate payer. It’s an opt-out format and it’s cumbersome. Plus, why do you have turn off an entire channel? It’s a lazy way to effect change.

This Forbes article discusses how executives view the value of big data in their companies. According to research, 48% feel that their organizations have, in the past, failed to take advantage of opportunities to capitalize on their data. Although 60% say that data is generating revenue in their organizations. I think we have an opportunity here. Perhaps they need dedicated teams focussed on figuring our how big data will enhance customer experience and generate revenue.

TV fuzz

What if AT&T mined the data of my watching habits for the last few months and served up options for me based on my viewing habits? What if they used my demographics to further refine my options and serve up some interesting ideas based on what my household likes to watch. What if they purchased data from a third party and further refined my options by what is trending now with people like me?

Netflix does a decent job of this in their world. Why can’t everyone else figure this out? More important though, is why aren’t companies in this situation recognizing the effects of Over Opportunity on their users and customers? They can do better. They can find a way to delight customers or someone else will.

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