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“As a fast growing entrepreneurial business we were so busy managing the day to day it was helpful to have someone help us step back and look at the bigger picture for our business. With help and guidance from the Execuity team, we have a clearer picture of the things we need to do to expand and grow our business.” – Kelly Ramsey, Founder Art Eatables

Art Eatables logoArt Eatables® is a chocolatier and confectioner based in Louisville, KY and is one of the city’s greatest start-up success stories. Their outstanding small-batch bourbon truffles have been featured multiple times in such pubilications as Southern Living, Martha Stewart, and Garden & Gun. Execuity co-founder, Linda Ruffenach, began working with Art Eatables at a critical point in the evolution of their business.

Bourbon balls with a glass of bourbon. Yum!Art Eatables had quickly taken off and owners Kelly & Forest Ramsey were trying to navigate their way through the growing pains that come along with success. Through guided conversation and strategic planning they worked together to devise a plan to expand staff, invest in equipment, and identify additional distribution channels. Initially focused on seeking funding, they were able to find resources without having to dilute their ownership in this growing enterprise. Today they are well on their way to total world domination as the world’s leading bourbon chocolatier.

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