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“Execuity helped us to dream, define our goals, refine our trajectory, and fine tune our financials. We were really pleased to have additional guidance and outside perspective as we continue to grow Recycled Firefighter.” – Jake and Jennifer Starr, Owners of Recycled Firefighter

Recycled Firefighter logoRecycled Firefighter started out as a simple design to protect an iPad, and quickly grew into a thriving business. The question quickly became “How do we continue to grow?”. A strategic roadmap for maximizing sales was developed including wholesale market expansion, social media engagement, online Precision Targeting, Pinterest storefront, PR, packaging and customer retargeting. Execuity began to further craft the story for Jake Starr, the original Recycled Firefighter. Together we walked through the customer journey to craft an experience that increases engagement, brand loyalty and ultimately drives additional revenue and profits. Recycled Firefighter is well on their path of total world domination as the go to brand for simple, durable, well designed, high quality apparel and accessories.


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