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“The Execuity team has been instrumental in our ongoing growth and success. Not only have they provided great guidance for our sales and marketing strategies, but they have served as key strategic advisors for financial and market growth plans.” – Brian Waters, COO & Co-founder

findCRA_Logo_HorizontalArmed with their knowledge and experience working with banks, findCRA’s co-founders Ben Loehle and Brian Waters knew money was available to be invested if only banks could find the right non-profit partner. They knew there were qualified nonprofits going without because they did not know where to go. They set out to create a simple online community that connected nonprofits with financial institutions, with the ultimate goal of having an impact on the communities they served. findCRA had a basic platform, an idea and a passion. We began by understanding and exploring the customers they served – banks and nonprofits. Time was spent on customer discovery, refining the value proposition, validating the message and evaluating the revenue model. The logo, website and marketing materials were revamped, the revenue model updated, strategic alliances created and matches begun to be made. The next challenge was finding the right investor to help them continue to grow. Execuity helped develop a valuation model for their business and provided extensive coaching to prepare them for potential investors.

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