A Love Letter for Every Business Owner

In the realm of human history, love letters have held a special place—a sacred place for the most profound emotions, whispered from heart to heart across time and space. These letters encapsulate the essence of love, a testament to the depths of our connections and the enduring care we hold for those we cherish.

Today, we invite you to embark on an extraordinary journey—to pen a different kind of love letter, one that ensures the people who stand by your side in both success and adversity are cared for, guided, and empowered. Use this as a guide for preparing and organizing life’s details so that others are prepared when we are no longer able to take care of things ourselves.

These letters go beyond sentiments; they are the bridge between love and responsibility, the legacy we leave behind for our families, our partners, and our communities.

Thank you to Carolyn Howard of Seacure Advisors  who inspired this blog post.




My Dearest Beloved,

I’m writing to you today with deep love and concern for our family’s well-being, should unforeseen circumstances ever arise. This letter is more than just an expression of affection; it’s a practical guide to help you navigate some essential aspects of our life together.

Our Business

Our business is a significant part of our lives, and I want you to know that it’s been safeguarded. Our agreements, policies, and financial records are documented here to ensure a smooth transition in case I’m not here to guide you.

Operating agreements

Buy-sell agreements

Insurance policies

Business structure documents

Key business contacts and advisors

Business financial statements


Financial Ties that Bind

Our financial stability is paramount. This section provides a clear overview of our financial assets and any debts. It’s all here to help you manage our finances with confidence.

Savings accounts

Stocks and investments

Hidden financial assets

Outstanding debts

Tax returns and financial statements

Investment portfolios

Real estate holdings


Protecting Our Estate

Our estate plan ensures that our wishes for the future are respected. It also covers arrangements for the care of our beloved children or dependents.

Last will and testament

Trust documents

Power of attorney documents

Beneficiary designations

Living wills and health care proxy

Guardianship arrangements for children or dependents


Our Digital Presence

In today’s digital world, our online presence matters. This section provides access to our digital accounts, including important instructions for managing our digital footprint.

Logins and passwords

Pins and access codes

Access to digital assets, including photographs

Social media account information

Instructions for digital asset management


This love letter isn’t static. Let’s make it a tradition to revisit it annually. We can update it together and discuss any significant changes in our lives or business that might affect our plans.

In writing this letter, my beloved, I aim to ensure that you and our family are well-prepared for whatever the future holds. It’s a testament to my love and commitment to you. May it provide you with comfort and clarity, knowing that even in my absence, I’ve done my best to protect and guide you.

With all my love.

Linda Ruffenach

Founder / Chief Strategic Officer at Execuity. Linda is an experienced entrepreneur, skilled facilitator, and bourbon badass. Her 20+ years of C-level experience enables her to relate to the challenges business owners face every day. As the former CEO of a $100 million international enterprise, she has been through almost every stage a company can experience from fast growth, rapid decline, to complete transformation. In addition to running multiple businesses, Linda is Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Louisville's School of Business, leading and mentoring undergrad and graduate students on their path to business ownership Linda’s superpower is turning strategy into results.