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Dear Colleague: don’t be a sh**head

Dear Colleague,

I have been in business for more years than I care to count. During this time I have learned some very important lessons that apply to both life and business. I want to share some of these lessons … lessons that all of us should have learned as a child, but for many have been forgotten or never stuck.

This article by Anne Sawan does a phenomenal job at summing up the do’s and don’ts when it comes to being a sh**thead in life. Read them. Embrace them.

Good luck! Reach out if you need help. I have no problem letting you know if you are being a sh**head, and please let me know if I am being one.


Linda Ruffenach

Customer experience guru, original Whisky Chick, and strong believer that roadblocks are not meant to stop you but to help you find a better path.

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