I Don’t Have Time for This


Every day I work with business owners reminding them of the importance of planning for the expected, unexpected and the inevitable. Little did I know that I would face the unexpected.

In February I went for a routine mammogram and 2 days later was contacted by the doctor that they had found a spot and wanted to take a better look. I had an upcoming trip planned and decided the follow-up visit could wait.

A few weeks later I was contacted by the doctor again, to schedule an appointment. I thought to myself, I don’t have time for this ⏳ .

I relented and scheduled an appointment with a radiologist. My exam took less than 10 minutes and was told by the radiologist I needed to come back for a biopsy.

Biopsy? Biopsy of what? Isn’t that for cancer? The radiologist said yes. It is to see if you have breast cancer.

I thought to myself, I don’t have time for this ⏳.

I had client commitments, travel planned and networking events to attend. I was just named an Enterprising Women of the Year. I can’t miss the award luncheon.

This time, the appointment was scheduled before I left the doctor’s office. I was to come back in a week for the biopsy and it would be a few days after we would receive the results.

I turned everything over to a higher being and waited for the results. The doctor called and he explained I have breast cancer. It is contained in one area and has not spread. However, if left alone it could begin to spread and spread quickly.

I thought to myself, I don’t have time for this ⏳ .

The next few weeks were a series of agonizing visits to doctors, getting 2nd opinions, talking to other women who have been through the same thing, and online research that I should have avoided.

After many prayers, lots of crying and amazing support from my husband we made the agonizing decision for me to undergo a double mastectomy with reconstruction.

I really don’t have time for this ⏳ , but it is the right choice for me and my family.

On April 18th I received my award and on April 24th I had surgery that would forever change our lives. While the pain was terrible, the final outcome is positive. By taking the measures we did, I would not need radiation, chemotherapy, and as a bonus will not need to take ongoing hormone suppressers.

We are truly blessed. My recovery time and my ability to return to work was not that long. Had my road to recovery been much longer it would have been completely devastating to my business and my family.

I am sharing this to let others know the unexpected can happen to them. Do not put off those doctor’s appointments that you dread. I used the same excuses and would tell myself I don’t have time ⏳ for regular checkups, mammograms, or colonoscopies.

The reality is you need to take the time ⏳ to focus on your health. Early detection saved my life.

Fortunately, I now have the time ⏳ to write this and remind others, the unexpected can happen to them.

Linda Ruffenach

Founder / Chief Strategic Officer at Execuity. Linda is an experienced entrepreneur, skilled facilitator, and bourbon badass. Her 20+ years of C-level experience enables her to relate to the challenges business owners face every day. As the former CEO of a $100 million international enterprise, she has been through almost every stage a company can experience from fast growth, rapid decline, to complete transformation. In addition to running multiple businesses, Linda is Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Louisville's School of Business, leading and mentoring undergrad and graduate students on their path to business ownership Linda’s superpower is turning strategy into results.