Our team has worked alongside startup founders, owners of small to medium sized businesses and executives with major brands to provide strategies for growth, efficiency, customer experience, and value creation.

At Execuity, we believe every client is unique, every business is unique, and every situation is unique.

Here's what our clients have to say about our work together.




We hired Linda because my wife and I wanted to make a succession plan and didn’t really know where to start.

Linda took us through a process of appraising our business, setting up a trust, and developing a network of people to call on. I now feel confident that should anything happen to me, my wife has a plan and knows how to proceed.

We’ve been really impressed with Linda, and we love working with her. She is approachable, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable. I know I’m not her only client, but her diligence, hard work, and willingness to accommodate makes me feel like I am.

~ Paul G. - Owner Regional Home Services Center

My investment in working with Execuity was the best money I've ever spent on my business. We're agile, flexible, and primed to grow.


I own 2 fast food restaurants. One with 40 team members, the other with 140 team members.

When I started working with Linda my business was a house of cards in terms of infrastructure, finances, internal systems, and people systems.

The business had really taken off and we were growing tremendously. One of our biggest problems was staff turnover and filling vacant positions. We were putting people into positions they weren’t prepared for before they were ready – basically throwing them a set of keys and saying, “you’re in charge.”

Linda helped us in 3 specific areas:

  • Building a personnel pipeline so that we didn’t have to scramble to fill vacancies
  • Making smarter, more pragmatic business decisions by taking a 50,000-foot view of my business and considering multiple angles before pulling the trigger
  • Bridging the generational gaps that exist between me and a lot of the younger people who are working for me (things have changed since I got into this business 35 years ago!)

Now, three years later, I have the most solid organization I’ve ever had. We’re agile, flexible, and primed to grow.

We’ve developed a workplace culture where our employees can share their goals and develop a career path within our organization.

We have a pipeline in place for filling vacancies. When I post a position internally, I’m getting multiple qualified candidates so I can interview and choose the right person for the role.

I even sleep better at night, knowing that I no longer have to worry about losing a key person.

I’ve worked with a lot of consultants over the years and Linda is the best consultant I’ve ever worked with.

She’s not just a consultant, she’s more like a partner. I can share my worries with her. She helps me look at situations from all angles and shares her honest perspective. She’s a truth-teller. This means that she sometimes tells me things I don’t want to hear. But she does it in an empathetic way because she understands what I’m going through as a leader.

My investment in working with Linda was the best money I’ve ever spent on my business.

~ Rob R. - Owner Operator Multi Chain Quick Service Restaurant

In the last 18 months working with Execuity, I’ve doubled my revenue. Twice.


Much of this success came from the negotiation skills and strategies Linda helped me develop.

I have a medical background and expertise in supply chain management and purchasing. I can help a business save money in many ways. I never expected to be out promoting myself or my business, but here I am – doing a much better job of it thanks to Linda.

With her support, I’ve developed the confidence to go after (and get!) some deals that I wouldn’t have had the courage to pursue. I can negotiate contracts for other people, but I’d never really negotiated one for myself.

She asked me the important questions to help me determine what *I* wanted out of the deal. Then she helped me develop a negotiation strategy and provided an outside perspective to help me see the value that I deliver.

We also took my goals and broke them into bite-sized chunks: in Q1, we’ll work on this. In Q2, we’ll work on that. Then we tracked and analyzed the results. Did we reach the goal? Why or why not? We used this information to adjust our plans and recognize patterns and trends.

I really appreciate Linda’s strategic support, dynamic energy, and wealth of experience. She’s a great teacher, role model, and mentor.

~ Donna B - Founder & Owner Group Purchasing Organization

Execuity’s knowledge in business growth assisted me to help raise the overall value of the company


In my tenure helping to build a couple of companies I found that the knowledge on the financial side tends to be outsourced by most entrepreneurs who focus on the heart and soul to the business.

This will ultimately result in decisions that impact company value. Linda’s knowledge in business growth assisted me to help raise the overall value of the company.

Linda has a wealth of knowledge about finances and she’s great at speaking to the level of her audience. She’s able to walk the fine line between speaking above their heads or being condescending. Instead, she meets them where they’re at.

Linda is incredibly intelligent. I don’t run into people with her intellectual capacity very often. She has an ability to assimilate information that most people lack.

~ Andrea W - Partner/CTO Biotech Company

not only did she deliver exactly what I sought—a detailed roadmap—but also established a connection that made every meeting something I looked forward to.


When I first encountered Linda at a WPO conference, her engagement and in-depth sharing about her past experiences drew me in instantly.

Not only did I resonate with her on a personal level, but I also recognized the depth of her expertise in succession planning. I decided to collaborate with her for a specific project — to develop a comprehensive roadmap for my succession. Although I had resources like attorneys on my side, the idea of hiring someone with Linda's caliber and experience hadn't struck me until then.

What set Linda apart for me was her commitment to accountability. Engaging with her ensured that I wasn't just talking about planning for the future, but actually doing it.

Over our periodic meetings, she guided me, asked pertinent questions, and helped me delve into areas of succession planning that I hadn’t previously considered. She didn't push her product but tailored her services to fit my unique needs.

It's a testament to Linda's capabilities that not only did she deliver exactly what I sought—a detailed roadmap—but also established a connection that made every meeting something I looked forward to.

Her personal touch, combined with her vast reservoir of knowledge, makes her a remarkable resource in the arena of business planning, especially when navigating the complexities of family-run ventures.

Linda's flexibility, combined with her “been there, done that” experience, equips her with a unique blend of empathy and expertise. To anyone looking for guidance in succession planning or any other special project, I wholeheartedly recommend Linda.

Her approach is tailored, ensuring you get what you truly need rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. She's not just a consultant; she becomes an integral part of your business journey, guiding you towards a prosperous and well-planned future.

~ Donna S.

We closed on our sale transaction. It was everything we wanted and more.


I’m so grateful for the support and the effort. Linda helped us to evaluate our readiness, timing and the opportunity to achieve all of our goals for the sale.

~ Valicom

Consummate professionals with excellent problem-solving skills.


Working with Linda has been a fabulous experience for us.

Her knowledge of the industry, and her strategic thinking capability has helped GlowTouch in tremendous ways.

Linda is a caring and empathetic leader and a wonderful mentor to people she works with.

She is a consummate professional with excellent problem-solving skills. I am so delighted to call Linda a coach, mentor and a friend!

~ Vidya R - Founder IT Services Company

A wealth of C-suite experience


Linda not only has a wealth of C-suite experience, but understands how to use that experience to effectively and efficiently advise others to help them make their businesses more effective and profitable.

Plus Linda is just a great person and great addition to anyone's team of seasoned advisors.

~ Jamie H - Founder Legal Tech Co.

Hiring Execuity was the best investment we made in our company’s early stage growth


When we completed our accelerator program, as a new startup, it was a tough decision to spend our limited funds on a management consultant.

At findCRA, we set out to modernize the way banks and nonprofits connect and build stronger communities under the framework of the federal Community Reinvestment Act.

Looking back, hiring Linda was the best investment we made in our company’s early stage growth. Her expert guidance allowed us to make quicker decisions on things we would have wasted a lot of time and money trying to figure out.

Linda brought us the experience, knowledge, and connections that we needed. She helped us:

  • Develop a foundation for our business, including financial projections and marketing strategy and helped us to develop our initial branding and marketing.
  • Define our roles as managers, refine our company culture, better understand our individual workstyles, and provided insight into how to run a company.
  • Position the company strategically by honing in on where to focus sales efforts. She helped us craft customer personas and refine our messaging and pricing.
  • Prepare for in-depth conversations with our seed investor.

She also provided the oversight you would normally get from executive management or a board.

We met once a week and Linda kept us on track with our internal goals and vision. She was great at pointing us in the right direction and providing a balance between support and challenge. She never withheld criticism, but provided it in a constructive way that would help further our vision and operations.

Linda is professional, personable, and direct without ever being negative. She’s insightful, creative, and very pragmatic, which is critical for a small business, because when you’re trying to tackle a big problem with a big solution, it’s easy to get distracted and run down a million rabbit trails.

Having someone like Linda in your corner who is steadfast and patient as you go through the uncertainties and successes of a startup or a small business is invaluable.

~ Brian Waters, President and Ben Loehle, Founder & CEO findCRA

We engaged Execuity to help us get our team to coalesce and to develop a story to support our messaging


We engaged Execuity to help us get our team to coalesce and to develop a story to support our messaging.

We found Linda’s facilitated storyboarding process to be highly valuable.

Not only did she help us clarify our story, but the storyboards provide a tangible visual document that we can refer to and leverage in the future. We’ve recently embarked on a website refresh project and our marketing team found the storyboard helpful to clarify what the messaging should be.

Linda is a big thinker, intellectually curious, and she brings a wealth of experience. One of the many things that I respect and appreciate about her is that she doesn't have a big ego. She’s a great listener and she’s open to other people’s ideas. We found the work that she did with us enormously valuable.

~ Vaughan S - Owner FinTech Co.

Excellent collaborator, problem solver and team player.


Linda is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

She easily draws from her toolkit of ready knowledge to strategize and develop solutions and coaching plans to assist her clients.

She was an excellent collaborator, problem solver and team player, and received praise from her clients based on her valuable input they received from her.

~ Peggy S, Mercer PeoplePro

Linda is a great presenter. She makes the content applicable to the individual.


As an Exit Planning professional and seasoned advisor, Linda brings both extensive subject matter expertise and direct experience in many roles, including CEO. This combination makes her a great presenter.

Topics like Exit Planning can be abstract. Linda brings elements into the presentation that make it easy for the audience to interact with and she makes the content applicable to the individual. She’s skilled at taking questions and providing insights based on her knowledge and experience.

Many successful people can get locked into thinking about things in a specific way. Linda helps them see their problems from a different perspective and to reframe the issue in a way that they can see more than one option or solution.

~ Isabel Botero, PHD University of Louisville